Spoutin' Off; an Editorial by Bart Salmons

Welp train fans, here we be. Been nigh on 4 months since the demise of Large Scale On Line and just look whats happened! There was some fear and consternation, and mebbe just a bit of chucklin' goin on. Email was hot, IM messages flew, and rising phoenix like out of the ashes came several brand new sites all dedicated to Large Scale railroadin'! Forums, Articles, Chatrooms, Oh My! I was like a hawg at the coal dock, all steamed up and rarin' to go! Ever night was a veritable smorgasboard of railroadin!

Since then I've calmed down a lot, I still cruise the forums, and check out what looks interestin' to me, but I don;t try to keep up with multiple chats anymore, I found one that I like and thats where I hang out. Why? Generally cause thats where other people like me hang out. Check out all the sites, they all are gravitating towards their own little niche it seems, and see which one suites ya! Hang out on all of 'em er none at all! Point bein' that they's room fer everone in this great big ol' hobby of ours, and room for opinions in this great big Ol' USA. I just don;t unnerstand why folks want to keep beatin a dead horse. We did the scale gauge wars on the BT list, we did 'em again at LSOL, and man how many of us remembers that lil' brushfire called the C16 war? Hard feelings all round and a lot of name calling over 1/4 of an inch? Big Deal! Now we've tusseled all over again.

Whats wrong with us? Look at everything that has improved for us over the last 4 years! C'mon folks lets get with it! Rivet Counters draw yer calipers! Collectors get out yer feather dusters! Gardeners whip out yer trowels and shears! Nit Pickers......Well y'all can detrain at the first trestle! Is one segment more important than any other? I DON'T THINK SO! Large Scale Railroading is an art form, I rate it right up there with theater and opera! Some folks are the masters and pull it off with style, some folks are just out there havin fun with what they're doin. Ain't that what its really all about? My momma always told me, "If ya can't say nuthin nice about someone, don't say nuthin' at all!"

I'm issuing a challenge here, I want ever single one of ya to pick out what yer good at, and put it out here fer all to see! I wanna see the scartchbuilt locos, I wanna see yer prize groundcovers, I want to see yer full collection of a given item, what ever that might be, Its all good! Then I'd like to see nuthin but positive attitude from here on out! Whats goin on here? Welp the way I sees it, we're ready to see a big ol' boom in this hobby of ours, lets not ruin it with petty name callin' and hard feelins.....Ok?



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