Passenger car conversions

In building my Passenger car fleet, I have hit a few snags that I have had to work around. Some not so bad some real head scratchers. When I first got into large scale I bought 9 Aristo streamline passenger cars. They were a miss matched bunch of road names as I rework everything I buy before it hits the rails.

  Not knowing any better I first took two diners and cut off both of them just past the kitchen door and proceeded to make an articulated chair car. Proud as I was with my accomplishment I toted it to the ECLSTS to show to Lewis Polk to see if there were any way to just get a few unmolested blank bodies so I could make the cars I wanted. As i said to begin with I just didn't know this was a no no. Uncle Lewy proceeded to tell me that his aluminum passenger cars could not be modified or altered without a full machine shop. I didn't even show him the articulated car I had produced with a Zona saw and some drill bits and files.

   Any way I failed to let Uncle Lewy deter me and have produced my own set of passenger cars. What I am starting with here is a coach I am turning into a baggage car. Coaches are in abundance where baggage cars are harder to come by.

I will be blanking out most of the windows and cutting out two baggage doors at one end. Again I give fair warning 'Do Not Try This At Home Without A Full Machine Shop.

   In the above pic you can see a couple of the tools I use to make the cuts.You should be able to see the two horizontal cuts for the baggage door.

    And from the inside.

Here I'm cutting through the ribs to speed the process.

And with the first door cut into the car. Now onto the other side.

The above is to show one of the reasons I prefer Zona saws over an xacto saw. But I must admit that the bend does help give a little extra leverage for moving the blade. The xacto blade above has the hollow back spine where a Zone has a solid rigid spine.

   Over the New Year weekend I have managed to cut the door out on the opposite side and to decide on the selective compression for a believable car. Windows are for the aisle side. ......

and then the dorm side.   ........


Tape on both sides show the future window arrangement for this car which has the crews quarters in it. the two square windows are the berth areas and the small window is a betterment room for the conductor I believe. there is a three hole water closet between the two sleep areas. All metal removal is done at this point and I can start filling in the original openings.


Above is the dorm side of the car with all window openings filled

And from the inside showing the backing I used to hold the fill in place.

And the aisle side plugged and ready. It's onto the aluminum patches for the passenger door openings.

You remember the door cut out pieces. One was recut to make the door fill pieces.

After both were cut it was time to fit them in place.

Reinforcement was applied inside and allowed to dry.

And putty applied .

Now to start blending the flutes. There are a couple of areas that need to be blended because of their original machining which distorts the flute. Other than those it's just file to fill.

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