Build Log: Building The CR&N, a first timer's layout. Part II

Part 1


So I kinda like how Ken is doing his article in parts and linking them to then newest one. So I will copy the idea. The links to each will be at the top for quick reference.


Welcome to part two.


Not much has happened physically. Where I last left things is where they yard still is. Here is a reminder.


     Again the space is 55' long and 12.5 wide. Before any real construction can be done the side of the house has to be resided. The wife and I have decided on Hardie siding that will be vertical board and batten on the bottom and shingles in the peak section. We are going to fur it out for 1" foam board for extra insulation and then vapor barrier it. My house is 2X4 construction with only an R14 value and no vapor barrier.


     The other pre-construction item that has to take place, and will be the focus of this article, is the area where the yard will be built. It will be in the area just out of site to the left of the picture. It needs a concrete slab poured that will tie it to a patio that will be built at the same time. This pad will serve as the zero elevation for the layout.


     While physically not much has been done some more planing and refining has. Getting the yard done right on paper is important since you only want to pour cement once. The rest of the layout can be fluid but this is a critical step to plan and get right. With tons of help here I think I have a plan.



      The brown box in the corner represents the corner of my house. The green area is the bench top for the yard. The grey is the enclosed train shed. At the top of the green is the backyard and will be external to the layout. Guests will have a table on the patio that they can set their equipment carriers and boxes on and then they can assemble their trains on the upper two tracks. The enclosed track toward the top will be the locomotive track for easy reach for charging. The bottom two enclosed tracks will be made up train storage. The bottom three tracks will be the operating yard. You will enter the layout through a gate at the bottom left of the yard.
here is a 3D rendering of the yard.


     The area underneath will be storage for cars and hold the charger and what ever else. Entering the yard will be a 5 way stub switch. Sean gave me the great idea of making the shed like an industry building. So in keeping with the theme, it will have to be an 1890's era building of some sort. The bench top will most likely be built from 3/4 thick PVC boards butted together and glued with PVC cement to make a solid PVC top. The rest will likely be built from the same Hardie materials as the side of the house. Or I have some grey corrugated plastic roofing I might side it with.


     I have also been revising yet some more on the track plan. It was really bugging me that it was such a spaghetti fest. It needed to be more simple. I achieved that in combining the upper loop with the wye section. This is also very prototypical in that two of the three wyes used by the prototype were part of their mainline.


     Due to track restrictions with the free version of AnyRail I couldn't have the yard trackage but the green is the exact same. Again the brown represents the house. I simplified the wye and took out the passing track and made the right side part of the mainline. The bottom of the wye is a 30" walk through bridge and the passing siding is conceptual and might only be a single track but at any rate a 30" walk through bridge will be here as well. The mini yard at the lower left is the mining area and will be home to one of the more prominent features which will be a stamp mill. Those tracks will be serving the mill and constitute the terminal end of the layout. With this design I had to creep up to a 2.2% grade to maintain my 12" top of rail to top of rail crossing at the right hand side. The lower left loop is 8' diameter and the wye is 8' diameter curves the rest are 10'. Other sidings will be added in the future but this is the main concept.


     As for physical progress. I am in finals week at school so nothing is getting done. The next two weekends are scheduled out so not much will happen. I will be finding my septic tank lid this week in order to make sure it is out of the patio or the lid is raised to patio level. Don't want to cover that with a concrete slab. Then I will begin moving dirt and doing the last bit of clean up in the layout area. I will be prepping and pouring concrete soon. The siding has to wait until we have some funding that we are expecting that will cover the cost of the layout. Then that will take place. I might get a jump start on the furring and foam board.


     That's where we sit as of today.

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