First Ever RGS Operating Session using TrainOps......

After about a week of debugging sessions with Bob McCown, Bruce Chandler and  Jon Radder, we seem to have a majority of the problems solved. Last nite I printed out a few switch lists and today, being such a nice day, I thought I'd give it a try. First off was checking the car location report to see where the cars went. Most went to the Interchange at Burns JCT.  So with switch list in hand we headed to the yard at Delores. Next up was getting  Locomotive No 20 servicable.    RGS No 20 gets a load of coal and fills up the water tender  West Bound Extra (WBX2) is now ready to depart
 Then it's off to Burns JCT with her consist to pick up the cars there.  At Burns JCT she has some switching to do.  The flatcar stays at the iterchange and the tank car goes to the Milling Co.  Next stop is Mancos. I was supposed to drop 4 cars there, but the siding only holds 2, so the rest will go to the yard in Delores.        Since the hoppers are empty we'll take them back to Delores and switch out the 2 boxcars.     Job done, we check the air and head on back.  
  Spotting the hoppers on track 1, the caboose is set on track 2.  No 20 backs into the new engine house for service for the next session. All in all I was quite pleased.  
 This is a simple program designed for a small RR. I'd been familiar with RailOps as both Fred Mills and Ric Golding use it. But both of their railroads are designed for multiple operators. Since mine isn't all the big yet, I needed something smaller and simpler and I think TrainOps fills the bill. Thanx Bob, Bruce and Jon for getting me started on this.

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